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A virtual guide to Uganda, a landlocked country across the equator in Eastern Africa bordering Lake Victoria in south east. It is bodered by South Sudan in north, Democratic Republic of the Congo in west, Kenya in east, and by Rwanda and Tanzania in south.

The country occupies an area of 241,551 km², compared Uganda is slightly smaller than the UK or slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Oregon.

The country’s highest point is Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley (5,110 m), a mountain located in the Rwenzori range within Rwenzori National Park.

Uganda has a population of 34.8 million people, making it the world’s second most populous landlocked country after Ethiopia. Largest city and capital is Kampala. Spoken languages are English (official), Luganda (a major language of Uganda), Swahili, and other native languages.

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